Lake District, hiking up to the Northern British hills

If you’re looking for wild adventures with difficult climate conditions, then hiking in Lake District is for you (during winter/early spring time).

I’ve been there during Easter time, with my Northern-Irish boy. We stayed in a relaxed hotel (Best Western Castle Inn) near Keswick, in front of a peaceful lake. That kind of places to calm the mind and take a break from routine and daily stress.

I had some difficulties to make technical shoots on the top of the misty Skiddaw hill. It was super windy and cold that I couldn’t spend much time in taking pictures.


My camera:
Nikon D5200
18.0-55.0 mm f/3.5-5.6
More pictures at:

6 thoughts on “Lake District, hiking up to the Northern British hills

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    • In which season did you go there? When we were there it was Easter and it was freezing. On the other side it was an extreme experience for me where I pushed a little bit my limits in terms of weather (I am Italian and I suffer the cold very much!).

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      • Hey, I am English and I suffer the cold very much also 🙂 It was in late summer, September, back in 1999, can you believe it! It was still warm, but very wet. But the locals used to say without the rain there would be no lakes 🙂 We stopped in the heart of Keswick, and the lake was so magical to walk around and sit near.

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      • I’ve should have replied to the locals that we have many lakes in Italy and it’s not raining that often like here 🙂 eheh! Yes, we walked too around the lake and it was wet but still very unique and magical as you said. 🙂

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